Put yourself first. You're worth it.

Natural candles, wax melts, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and shower steamers ~ crafted with your health in mind.


Gift the ultimate at-home spa experience.

give the gift of self-care
Blue turquoise watercolor with text that says: Feel good about what you're breathing. Clean candles and wax melts, non-toxic candles and wax melts.

Breathe clean.

Handcrafted with care.

Blue turquoise watercolor with text that says: Standing out in the best way. A candle unlike any other.
Blue turquoise watercolor with text that says: Scents and colors to connect with. A personalized experience created with clean candles and wax melts, non-toxic candles and and wax melts, and color-tip colorful matches.

All about you.


I actually had stopped using candles all together before I found your products! I was only using essential oils because I would get terrible headaches from candles. I’m very particular on “safe” household products so over the years I have developed a sensitivity to fragrance. When I smelled your candles I instantly knew! So thank you for making awesome, clean products!

Linsey F., Maryland

I have been a huge fan since my very first Fig & Fire candle! They are great quality, last a very long time, and smell like no candle I have ever owned before! The transaction was easy, fast delivery and very professional! I love giving these as gifts, by themselves or in a gift basket!

Caron K., Maryland

These candles are great! They are well made, I've never had one tunnel, burn unevenly, or get sooty. The scents are great and they look super classy! My favorite candles!

Dylan M., Minnesota

Love these candles so much! The scents are DIVINE. I’ve given so many of these candles as gifts to family and friends and they’re always a hit! They are wonderful.

Lauren G., New Jersey

Karen helped me make the best custom baby shower favors! She was able to work with me and help exchange ideas and provide great suggestions to really personalize my favors and make them perfect for my needs! [...] Thank you for making my day extra special Karen! :)

Emily G., Florida

I purchased an order of favors for my son’s Baptism dinner celebration. It was a small group, but the candles were a huge hit! [...] Having non-toxic, all natural ingredients was also an added bonus for a baby event. If you are looking for the perfect favor for an upcoming event, this is it!

Kim M., New York