What We're About

A Better Candle

Fig & Fire was started to create safer candle options that don’t contain lead, petroleum byproducts, or toxins. We appreciate you inviting us into your home, and we want to give you the very best. That's why we spent two years in research and development before launching. We wanted to create the "perfect" candle: one that burns beautifully, doesn't leave heavy soot buildup on the container, and doesn't have any of the toxins found in “fragrance.” The fragrance industry is incredibly unregulated and we wanted to create products we didn't have to think twice about breathing. 

We pride ourselves on making candles that are of the highest quality, contain natural ingredients, and are cruelty-free; with packaging that is eco-conscious to minimize our footprint.

Spark Joy

We believe life is about experiences and surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy. 

Kindle Memories

Scent plays a key part in our experiences, so we create candles with fragrances that we hope you can connect with or that will conjure memories that are meaningful to you. We invite you to let your mind drift away to both new and familiar places with the guide of the flame of our candles.

We also believe color connects us to our passions and our fondest memories. Our color-tip matches provide a unique way to bring a meaningful pop of color into any space. Bring us on your journey as you ignite your inner fire. 

Spread the Light

We care about the world around us and the people in it. Fig & Fire donates to a variety of non-profit organizations with causes that spark positive change. You are helping us spread the light. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Karen Larochelle
Owner, Maker, Website Developer, Shipping Department...