The worst part of summer...

Nothing kills your summer vibe like bugs swarming you. Luckily, Fig & Fire has all-natural products to keep the bugs away and maximize your enjoyment of time spent outdoors.

We've got citronella candles and bug sprays made with natural, non-toxic ingredients and which actually smell pleasant. If you normally find the smell of citronella products offensive, you shouldn't have a problem with these. Essential oil blends are used to not only help mask the citronella scent, but also to naturally boost the effectiveness of the products. The citronella candle is lemon-forward, while the bug sprays are mint and lime-forward.

The bug sprays are gentle on your skin and do not dry out your skin, leave a residue, or create an uncomfortable feeling like many sprays do. We are happy to report that parents tell us the sprays are approved by the whole family!

Wherever your travels and adventures take you this summer, tell the insects to bug off so you can enjoy the great outdoors.